5 Stars - 497 Reviews
5 Stars - 497 Reviews
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Diamond & Precious Stone Jewellery

From dazzling diamonds to gorgeous rubies, emeralds, amethysts and other precious gems, we have a beautiful selection of handcrafted jewellery to add to your collection. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a loved one, our selection has something for everyone, and every occasion. We have a variety of delicate earrings as well as statement rings, bracelets and pendant necklaces. Each piece in our range is unique, and our team will always be on hand for help and advice on what to choose!

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Bracelets are always a wonderful present for Christmas, a birthday or an anniversary, and we have numerous styles on offer. From dainty, simple designs to those that catch the eye, or if you want an option that can easily go from day to night, look no further than our selection.


We have beautiful earrings that have been crafted using the finest materials. Whether you want a standout design or a style that will complement an existing piece in your collection, our range will have something for you!


We have yellow gold and white gold necklaces as well as pendants with diamonds and other precious stones. You will fall in love with our hand picked range.

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Our exclusive selection features a variety of precious stones that have been selected by our experienced jewellery makers. Each piece is expertly crafted and will last a lifetime.

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Look no further than our local jewellery shop for diamond and precious gem accessories. Our selection has something for every taste and budget, just pop in and see us today.

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