Engagement Rings- What Style Is Best For You?

The demand for engagement rings has exploded in the past year. The end of lockdown has been a cause of celebration for many, and what better way to celebrate than getting engaged to with the person who lived through it with you?

But this rise in demand has left many people are left wondering which style of engagement ring, or wedding ring, they should be buying. We’re here to help. At Spencer & Morgan Jewellers, we offer over 20 years of experience in the industry and are here to help you tell the difference between your diamonds and your emeralds; your princess and your pear rings. Find out exactly what you should be looking for when buying for that special someone.

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Ring Styles And Types

A diamond ring is the traditional choice for engagement rings, but what does that mean? When your jeweller asks you what style of ring you’re looking for, how are you supposed to answer? What are the best styles of ring?


For the more traditional couple, the round ring design is for those looking beauty in simplicity. A classic, this design denotes a timeless devotion to your partner; something that is always in vogue. It is the perfect engagement ring for those looking to show off the cut of their gem.

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silver diamond ring


A princess cut, also known as a square modified brilliant, refers to a style of engagement ring with a specific diamond cut shape. The diamonds in princess cut rings are square in shape, pointing inwards to a point on all sides. This catches the light in such as way that it almost seems to hold the light at its centre.


A baguette diamond ring specifically references the shape of the diamonds on it. These diamonds are slim and have a long shape, usually with edges angled inwards, that usually accent a central gem. This style of engagement ring, which came to prominence in the 1920s, burst into the scene and since then has simply never gone out of style. If you are interested in finding out more about how a baguette design could take centre stage in your ring, contact us today to find out more.  

silver diamond ring


Better known as ‘tear-drop’ rings, this diamond ring design gets its name from the ovel shape of its gem, whose curves converge on a central point. For those in the know, this style symbolises empowerment and independence, and is usually given to a partner not only as a sign of love, but also of respect and trust. A perfect tear of joy, this design is most popularly used for engagement rings and wedding rings.

Pear Ring


Also known as a Marquise-Cut, this style is most popularly used in engagement rings. Symbolising a unique relationship with authority, this ring straddles the line between tradition and innovation. As its name suggests this ring’s diamond is cut to the shape of an oval. This design refracts a spectrum of light intensity, creating a unique contrast effect that you’re bound to love.

Oval Engagement Ring Cardiff


Named for its rounded corners, the cushion ring’s’ jewel has a staggering number of facets. Appearing almost as constellation of smaller gems held together, this ring’s diamond is one to remember. Popularised as an engagement ring in the 1700s, this ring is known for its amazing quality of colour and its vintage aesthetic. Contact us for more information on our variety of engagement rings.

Contact Us To Find Out More About Engagement Rings

These are just a few of the styles of rings available to the prospective propositioner. To find out more about which engagement rings would suit your loved one, contact us at 01792 654 800, or info@spencermorgandiamonds.co.uk.

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