Our Guide To Choosing The Right Jeweller

Finding the perfect jeweller is essential when it comes to purchasing jewellery for yourself and loved ones. The craft and eye for detail is a skill honed over many years so you’ll want to pick a business that not only provides precision and quality products, but transparent pricing and customer service too. With this in mind, we’ve created a guide on choosing the right business to help you find the perfect piece.

Your Jeweller’s Reputation

A good reputation speaks for itself. If you’re looking for a reliable jeweller that creates striking designs with transparent pricing then the first place to look is at their reputation. We advise checking online and speaking to previous customers to get a grasp of how the process went, and how the piece of jewellery is holding up.

Responsibly Sourced & High Quality Products

There’s no use in creating beautiful work if the materials are low quality. Be sure to enquire about the source of all gems, metals and diamonds when you speak with potential jewellers. What’s more, with the diamond industry being so controversial these days, it’s important ensure they’re sourced responsibly. This can be achieved by asking for certification for all diamonds used in the jewellers work, to guarantee no harm was caused during their manufacture.


Two wedding bands together on stand

The jewellery industry is much like the art industry in the way that value is just as much of a perception as it is a constant rate. Reputation and renown tend to come with a price tag, but you want to ensure that the work isn’t overpriced. We recommend assessing the potential piece you’re interested in and comparing it with the competition. If the price varies drastically and inconsistently then it may be a sign it’s either overpriced, or poorly made.

Customer Service & Jeweller’s Warranty

As with all high-price items, a warranty is essential. With a warranty comes good customer service too. When you’ve narrowed down your jewellers to the potential few, be sure to ask about their guarantees and warranty. The great thing about this is you can assess their customer service based on their response too. This way, you can have confidence in the business.

Choose Spencer Morgan For Professional Jewellers

If you’re looking for quality jewellery from experienced and professional jewellers, then look no further than Spencer Morgan. All our products are crafted to the highest standard and our customer service is unparalleled. Get in touch today to find out more.

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