Precious Stone Jewellery - What Is Best For Your Loved One?

Shopping for a loved one can be difficult, especially when it comes to precious stone jewellery. Most people know the basics, diamond and gold for proposals, etc, but what about the rest? When investing in this kind of gift, nobody wants to put a foot wrong. And yet, it’s so easy to do just that.

We’ve put together an easy list of some of the most popular precious stone jewellery. The types; what they are, why they’re popular and when to gift them.

diamond bracelet being put on


This piece of jewellery, worn on the wrist, has a far-reaching history, with examples stretching back over 5000 years. We recommend bracelets as the perfect gift for a friend. This is because, while this piece of jewellery can be a wonderful gift for a partner or family member. Rings and necklaces can be taken as more intimate wrong way, especially by their or your own partner. A bracelet on the other hand, is a timeless piece of precious stone jewellery that lacks any of those connotations.

These pieces can truly demonstrate your bond with another person, without room for misinterpretation. Buying jewellery for a friend can be anxiety inducting, especially when you want to make clear that you care without being misunderstood. This precious stone jewellery is the perfect gift to show someone you care without accidentally signalling romantic intent.


Attached to the ear via piercing or clip, Earrings are wonderfully versatile precious stone gifts that can be given on a variety of occasions. Than can be given as a beautiful Mother’s Day gift, or to a family member on a special occasion. Their design can range from the classic and the traditional to the sleek and the modern. Be sure to ask our jewellers for advice on just how you can tailor your earring to the specific occasion you are going for. Design is key.

earrings on a necklace
diamond necklace on person


This piece of jewellery comes in many forms. Hanging around the neck, they can come as bands, chains, or even cords according to their style and function. Necklaces are a wonderful precious stone jewellery gift for anniversaries, birthdays, and other landmark dates for your loved ones. Necklaces are the kind of jewellery that can be worn on a regular basis, giving it special sentimental value that will make them treasure it more and more over the years as it becomes a regular part of their ensemble. Give that special someone a gift they’ll never forget with a necklace.

Jewellery Repairs

Your loved one has a piece of jewellery that they don’t wear anymore. It sits in their jewellery box, unused, but they can never bring themselves to throw it away. It has sentimental value, after all. Sometimes the best gift you can give someone is the best version of something they already have. Consider taking a piece of jewellery they already have, but which is aged or broken, and taking it in for repair. Sometimes the gift that keeps on giving is the gift that’s given again.

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We hope this handy guide has helped you decide what you are looking for in a piece of precious stone jewellery. If you would like to learn more about our services in jewellery and jewellery repair in South Wales, contact us today.

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