How To Plan A Proposal

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Deciding that you’re going to ask the person you love to marry you is a big deal! Choosing to spend the rest of your life with that special someone is a magical time for both of you. To help you plan the perfect proposal, we’ve put together this simple guide. We’ll help you make sure that you don’t miss anything.

Be Sure

Before you get down on one knee, make sure you’ve given some thought to how sure you are that this is the right decision. We don’t want to rain on your parade, but it’s worth thinking about the longevity of your relationship and how serious you are about the future. If you have any doubts, it may be best to put off your proposal until a time comes where you feel completely sure.


If you or your partner are very traditional, you may want to follow some age-old conventions. In the past, it was common for the father of the bride-to-be to grant permission for the marriage before the proposal. However, nowadays it may be more appropriate to speak to their mother or other members of the family.

Choose An Engagement Ring

Head down to Spencer Morgan’s to choose the perfect engagement ring. We believe that going to a local, independent jeweller is best. This is because they can consult with you to find the right piece for you and your beloved. Feel free to bring pictures and ideas with you, and even a piece of jewellery your fiancée-to-be already owns if you aren’t sure what size they are.

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Pick A Location

Some people will know exactly where they want to propose. It might be that you have a special place that makes perfect sense to be the location you get down on one knee in. You may also have a few places to choose from. If you’re the spontaneous type, you might wish to consider carrying the ring with you until the right moment comes in just the right place!

Are You Ready To Propose?

If you’re ready to ask the person you love to marry you, make sure you’re doing it in style! If you need help choosing the perfect engagement ring, come on down to Spencer Morgan Jewellers. We can help you choose a ring and ensure it’s the right size for your future fiancée.

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